In Times of Good

Do you ever say prayers?

I said a few tonight.

It was cold outside, but I was in the zone. I should’ve been home packing, but I wasn’t. Normally I’d care about tidying up the house, getting my luggage situated and hopping into bed at a decent hour so that I could be up by 0 dark 30 for the airport, but again…that pesky zone was calling me.

Low clouds and fog were moving in; I could see it just overhead against a dark sky. It was beautiful. I said a prayer of gratitude for sustained focus, and another for unwavering energy during today’s workday which ran well past 5 o’clock.

I continued on my course and said one of thanks for optimism, for an evening less cold than last night, for progress and for the stick-to-it-ness that has allowed me to tick off a few milestones.

My pace was steady, the smell of damp asphalt almost intoxicating. I tried to think of every possible thing for which to say “thanks.” Thanks that the blister I’d been getting regularly on the fourth toe of my right foot has stayed away and not reappeared over the past week. Thanks for a night without many cars to watch out for. Thanks that the dogs which bark their heads off as I pass by were quiet tonight.

Then I realized that I don’t do this — thanking — nearly enough.

I say prayers mostly during times of need, and not during times of good. Maybe those of you who pray do the same. Not that we ever consciously think this, but how is asking for help when we could use a hand more important than being thankful for all the good that comes into our lives day after day?

It’s not. They are both equally important.

Tonight I am simply thankful for gratitude in times of good, as well as for the realization that I need to say thanks more often.

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