Coast to Coast

I usually like to post each day by 11:59p in whatever time zone I call home for that night.

Tonight, I call the Eastern time zone home. And I’m pretty sure I failed at blogging by midnight.

In my defense, my laptop is still on California time. Instead of seeing the 1a hour in the lower-right of my screen, I see a lazy 10p hour. I’ve been cranking on a presentation for the past couple of hours, all while running on three hours of sleep, a giant coffee this morning, one banana at noon, a protein bar and water mid-afternoon, and sushi for dinner. Not too many meals of champions nestled in that clump of foodstuffs. 

I was about to turn in for the night, when I realized that I hadn’t yet posted. Tsk, tsk. The last time I was in New York this happened, as well. What gives, Empire State?

It’s been a long day. A good day, but a long day. Many miles were covered, many presentation iterations were drafted and much perspiration was shed during many uttered prayers while cabbing it from JFK to Manhattan.

My yawns are shaky. You know those yawns that are so deep that you sort of inhale in a staccato fashion? That’s me.

My eyes are red, and there is no Visine in my carry-on.

New York hotel style demands that every inch of space be used wisely, but in the case of the hotel room bathroom just around the corner from the desk where I sit, the shelf over the sink extends too far out over an already shallow basin, leaving maybe one — possibly two — inches of room to do what you need to do. Brush your teeth, wash your hands, face, etc. I made a mess in there tonight, and I whacked my head on the shelf when I leaned over while teeth-brushing. Love the sink design, hate that there’s no room to use it. Oh well.

That said, my room overlooks Grand Central Terminal. How many times have I ever said that? I haven’t. Such a landmark, such architecture. The hotel lobby here was gloriously decorated in silver and gold; shimmering holiday hues welcomed us as we walked through the doors. And now I have a comfy bed staring me down, begging me to hop in for more than those three hours of shut-eye that I got last night. So hop I shall.

Tonight I am thankful for save travels, for fun coworkers, for productive hours and for the fact that I’ll be home in less than 24 of them.

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