Clear Skies Ahead

The start of a new year often shines a spotlight on the things we know we need to do over the next 12 months, or on the path to doing those things.

My weather app informed me a while ago that there is no rain in my future for the next week. On one hand, this is disappointing. I love the rain, its soothing qualities and its renewing ways. On the other hand, the forecast is quite fitting.

No rain so that our to-do lists can get some sun and get done.

No rain so that our path can be clear to us.

No clouds to deter us, no gloomy weather whispering to stay in bed a little longer and tackle things later.

Sun. Just sun.

You can’t easily hide in the light of day, and the new year wouldn’t have it any other way for us right now it seems.

For as much as I love inclement weather, tonight I am thankful for the year’s momentum that’s practically tangible to me. I appreciate its timing, and I am grateful for its motivation. We have the green flag and the course is wide open. What will you tackle?

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