Multiple choice

We probably didn’t realize it when we first started encountering them with any regularity during our younger years, but life is nothing more than a series of multiple choice questions.

There are multiple answers for everything — everything. How we’ll respond to someone, how we’ll handle a situation, whether we’ll spend, save or do a little of both.

Whether we’ll be in a good mood when we wake up, a bad mood, or let the day decide our mood. Whether we’ll be the active driver or passive participant in our lives, or whether we’ll just complain the whole time.

Whether we’ll love openly, dabble cautiously or avoid it entirely.

Whether we’ll regret, learn and not repeat our mistakes, or feign remorse and do it again.

Whether we’ll hold on, fight or let go.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if there was only one right answer for every situation and every emotion; I’m sure the world would be a more chaotic place than it already is. But knowing that the right answer — the answer that’s best for us and us alone — will always come in time if we wait on it, ponder it and maybe even weigh the pros and cons, inspires a bit of relief.

For not having only one right answer and for being able to do what fits our lives best, I am thankful. 

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