Only You.

The title of today’s post is a chick flick, and there’s a line in the movie that I’ve always loved.

“You weren’t who you said you were, therefore I wasn’t who I thought I was.”

It’s a line that really makes you think — I’m sure many of us have felt like we’ve been there.

When you realize you’ve been duped, it’s an unsettling feeling. You think back to things you said or did, and a flood of feelings comes rushing over you. And boy, can they sure run the gamut.

Embarrassment. Stupidity. Irritation. Frustration. Confusion. Sadness. Suspecting you did too much while wondering if you did too little. Thinking too much was said, or maybe it was the exact opposite. Regretting putting yourself out there. Hoping at least part of the time wasn’t a waste, because it would be a pity to have been taken advantage of from the start.

You wonder if any portion of what you gave was real, or whether it was simply the result of what you thought you were correctly reading from the other person. You wonder what you’ll have left for the next person who comes along.

You might’ve thought you were on the same page the whole time, but it turned out you weren’t even in the same book.

It’s been said that the worst part of being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth. I agree.

They burn a little when you realize you’ve just gotten one, but a lesson learned is a lesson learned. Today I am thankful for all of them I’ve had, as well as those yet to come.

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