Sir Liberty

It’s that time of year again.

Sign-spinners stand on street corners, catching the attention of passersby. I’m sure some also manage to cause an accident or two.

Liberty Tax Service employs one of these sign-spinners near my office; it’s amusing to see him work.

He’s a tall kid — looks maybe 16 or 17, somewhat lanky and entirely too jazzed to be hanging out near a busy intersection dressed in a long, floor-length sheath the shade of oxidized copper. He wears Lady Liberty’s crown atop his head and, regardless of it usually being broad daylight when I see him, he’s twirling rave glow sticks over his head, down towards the ground — left, right, all around. He has no issue dancing in public. Perhaps the sunglasses and faux-dress hide his true identity and therefore somehow manage to boost his self-confidence.

I wonder how many calories he burns during one of his shifts. I wonder if any cars have been so distracted by him that they’ve run up on the curb, causing him to dive out of the way. I wonder if he’s snagged a phone number or two, simply because there seems to be a shortage of happy, fun, incredibly confident guys in this world; I can’t imagine a young lady in the vicinity not being drawn to him in some way, shape or form. Anyone remember the appearance of Ichabod Crane, the schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow, from Disney’s version of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad? Sir Liberty reminds me of Ichabod, minus 10-15 years.

He’s been a fixture on the streets for the past two months, and I’m pretty certain other drivers also enjoy his presence. I’ve seen him get a few friendly honks and waves, and I admit that I hope to catch a glimpse of his cheerfulness on my way home.

He seems like he’d be the type to never have a bad day, to always see the glass as half full. He seems like the type of person who couldn’t care less of what someone else thinks about him because, frankly, he has the easiest job in the world and he gets paid to stand around and dance. It seems like he’s the adorably nerdy guy who would be the most fun to go to prom with (they always were in my book), and I’m sure he has no shortage of girls clamoring to accompany him to such events. He looks like the guy you’d trust to both babysit your child, as well as cut your grass. You can’t imagine a mower running amok in your yard or a child bursting into tears while he’s at the wheel.

Sometimes I think about stopping and interviewing him, but I’d be taking him away from his job. I also think others would be irritated at me for taking away what might be the brightest part of their day. I have no idea who this kid is, but I can tell you that every time I see him, he reminds me to enjoy life more than I do. To dance more than sit. To not care what others think about me. To smile as much as possible. He seems to be someone that we could all learn a thing or two from, so today, for Sir Liberty, I am grateful.

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