Look at the Groom.

In 27 Dresses, cynical Kevin and perennial bridesmaid Jane realize they have something in common: each likes to turn to look at the groom when everyone else turns to look at the bride as she makes her entrance.

My brother got married this evening, and as his wife-to-be was making her way down the aisle, my mind wandered in the movie’s direction; I decided to turn to look at him. I broke down into tears. Happy tears.

I knew I’d forgotten something when I left the house, but assumed it was just that I failed to eat lunch. No, I also forgot to stuff a tissue or two into my purse. I didn’t think I’d cry, and I didn’t think I’d look at anyone other than the bride as she was walking down the aisle. But I did, and the sleeve of my cardigan instantly turned into a hanky.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a happier, more content look on his face. “He” was about to become a “we,” and they are beautiful together.

It was a look that said all of his single years were worth the wait. It was a look of pure peacefulness. It was a look that I hope someone has for me someday.

Tonight, I am so happy and thankful for my brother and sister-in-law. Love happens every day, but love that hits so close to home is a nice reminder that everything happens in its own time, in its own way and with the exact person who’s meant to be in your life.



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