Two friends walk towards a bar, but before they can go inside, they’re stopped by a man preaching.  

Nope, not the start of a joke. It’s a true story, and it happened this evening. I guess that’s what we get for going to a bar on a Sunday.

It wasn’t the only odd occurence today. I was watering the grass along the back parkway after I got home when an older, graying, power-walking man passed by. Most will cross the street when they see a girl watering, presumably so as not to a) startle me and b) have to awkwardly squeeze by me while I’m wielding the hose. But not this guy. He and his tracksuit were on a mission, and he wasn’t about to be detoured.

Interestingly enough, he was also smoking. Who smokes while they’re working out? I imagined that his doctor told him to quit smoking and to exercise more, and that he’s clearly easing into things at his own pace. I suppose one out of two isn’t bad.

Weirdness seems to find me most days, so I didn’t dwell on either situation too much. But clearly it’s fodder for tonight’s post.

Up until this evening, my day was peaceful. Uneventful. Quiet. I had a fitful night of sleep, but still managed to sleep in a tad. I did laundry, made breakfast, bonded with the Food Network and Cooking Channel over coffee, did more laundry, had more coffee, cleaned, watered the backyard, filled the bird feeder and finally watered the front yard. The most drama I encounted was when the washing machine cycle wouldn’t advance.

I figure that the weirdness was meant to remind me to be on my toes and to stay alert at all times — to not get too comfortable with the peaceful, to not expect or take for granted the calm, the serene, the quiet. Because the minute you do, there’s bound to be something that catches you off guard, and who’s to say that weirdness doesn’t turn into something more — something worse, something potentially life-threatening?

Tonight I am thankful for today’s weirdness and am reminded to stay aware of my surroundings. I’m not sure I necessarily needed a smoking (and not in the attractive sense), power-walking, middle-aged man to remind me of such things, but…whatever works, I suppose.

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