Good Love

In the words of Tom Petty, good love is hard to find. But have you ever stopped to consider how you’re defining love?

Love doesn’t always have to be the romantic variety, the last-your-whole-life variety. It doesn’t have to be full of passion, full of kisses or full of tender moments.

It can be simple love — the love you feel for a friend who gives good advice. It can be the love you feel for family, your kids, for an animal, from an animal you’ve rescued, for new people you click with, for peace and quiet that doesn’t happen often enough or for the life you’re simply thankful for…the life you’ve built for yourself. This kind of love isn’t hard to find — it’s often all around us, all the time. It’s the love that keeps us going each day.

Tonight I am thankful for love of all kinds, and for knowing that love is all around us. Always.

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