Third Time’s a Charm?

They say the third time’s a charm.

If that’s true, can someone tell me what’s charming about my rear bumper being hit three times in as many years?

It never ceases to amaze me how shady people can be. Whether it’s leading someone on, treating people as recreation or toys and nothing more, telling half-truths, non-truths or hitting a car in a parking garage without leaving so much as a note, I really wonder where our world is headed.

It’s easy enough to shut the door on people who aren’t willing to be positive, active contributors in your life. It hurts, but when the writing is on the wall, it seems the sane thing to do for all parties involved. It’s not, however, easy when a complete stranger walks in, leaves his mark on your world, then exits (not even in a graceful manner) — leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Thanks, pal. I had enough pieces already, but I appreciate more.

True, it sounds like sarcasm. And a few hours ago when I walked out to my car, it was. Really, really thick, dense sarcasm.

After a tiny bit of retail therapy, I started thinking about things; I started thinking about the so-called “pieces.”

The bumper damage is more of a series of scrapes versus dents…not cool, but not the end of the world. My car is going on eight years old, and I have yet to get a door ding anywhere on my beloved vehicle (now that I’ve said it, I’m sure I’ll get one at one of the two airports — or both — that I’ll be visiting in the next two days); I reckon a door ding might be far more annoying to me than a scrape on a bumper.

Then there’s the obvious: nobody died.

My car wasn’t broken into like others have experienced while parked in that darned parking deck, my car runs, my car is 99% all good in the ‘hood.

So, really, what’s my problem?

I have very few. Sometimes I think otherwise, but that’s when it’s time to back up, reflect, and realize how good we have it.

All of us, every day.

Think you have problems? You’re sitting in front of a computer. Many people don’t have a computer. You have time to read this, whereas many people don’t have a moment of peace in their day.

Perspective. I love it. And I’m thankful for it.

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