While I was sitting in a meeting yesterday, 15 floors above the street below, I looked out across the traffic and surrounding neighborhoods. The trees which dotted the landscape looked like a forest of broccoli florets and, at that second, I realized how ravenous I was.

I’m on day two of Operation: Fair-Weather Vegan — vegan because I am looking for a healthy way to drop all the junk from my diet, and fair-weather because I’m still choosing to incorporate a couple of egg whites when I need to. I realize this is, in fact, called cheating, but fair-weather sounds much more kind.

The catalyst that started all this? An ill-fitting — the ill-fitting bridesmaid dress — that I’ve written about before.

My stomach rumbled. Loudly. Had the day been overcast, it could’ve passed for thunder.

“Did you hear that?” I asked my coworker. She nodded, eyes wide and brows raised as if to say, “How could I not have heard that?”

It’s not that I’m not eating enough, it’s that I’m used to eating everything. OK, “everything” isn’t that accurate, but I’m a snacker. I like a little nibble here and there on office leftovers — things that fill you up the bad way, and I’ve never been one to say no to a fro-yo run mid-afternoon.

The only leftover nibbling I did today was on a stray Edible Arrangement, and I have to say that I’ve never tasted better cantaloupe in my life. It was like heaven; I could’ve sucked on the fruit skewer all afternoon.

I have my friend Erin to thank for the vegan inspiration — she did it for a couple weeks and looked amazing when I saw her over the weekend. I decided to also throw in a few miles of walking each night, and I figure that in a month’s time, the dress and I will be BFFs. As Erin said, it should fit like a glove — just not the latex, bulge-highlighting glove that it currently resembles.

The danger in posting my latest endeavor here is that I could very well fail miserably. The upside is that hopefully it will keep me accountable. I am already envisioning the “after” post, and hoping to make it come to fruition.

Mmm, fruition.


Hungry again.

While a mission of this nature isn’t the easiest on the wallet, I’m thankful to have had the means to stock up and hit the week running. They say it’s cheap to eat poorly, and they’re right — but the real price is paid years down the road when all the fast food and speedy satisfaction catches up. In the meantime, this clean high is amazing, the green tea is comforting, and I’m taking the next few weeks one day at a time.

Viva health.

2 thoughts on “Broccoli-land

  1. how good you are to write a post everyday….i like the dedication to tag line “There’s something to be thankful for in each day”. i can’t write everyday…something to shame on me.

    • It was a bit daunting at first, but after that 30-day mark it became an addiction. You can do it! Thank you for continuing to read Thanky.

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