Tomorrow is.

Tomorrow is one of those words that can inspire hope and confidence, signal a fresh start and a new beginning. We often times look forward to it, include it in our plans and talk about it excitedly. Tomorrow has the ability to make us primp and preen, not always in terms of appearance; we get ready for it, sometimes with as much detail as we’d get ready for a date.

Tomorrow seems to be the most popular on Thursdays and Fridays, as it signals rest and relaxation, time with friends, a jaunt up the coast or a meandering drive through the countryside.

“Tomorrow could be the day,” we think. It’s a word that sometimes sustains us and encourages us to hold on — just a few more hours. “Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow has to be better.”

Tomorrow can, believe it or not, also be a dirty word. A shameful word. It’s a word that we can fall back on and by which we rationalize our complacency.

“There’s always tomorrow,” we tell ourselves.

“I’ll start tomorrow,” we vow.

“Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” the joke says.

When Sunday rolls around, we are rarely fans of tomorrow. Tomorrow is looming, and it’s full of tasks.

Regardless of whether it’s good or bad, there’s something that’s always ready and waiting for us. What is it? Tomorrow. Sometimes it’s like a predator lurking in the brush, other times it’s like a dog, ready with unconditional love and excited to see us. Tomorrow is never a given, sometimes a burden, but always a new chapter.

What’s worthy of our attention and dedication? Tomorrow is — because in attention and dedication, we can learn to live more fully today.

For tomorrow, and for the unknown that’s just around the corner, I am thankful.

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