The Purple Path

They line the streets on my evening walk, and they’re nothing short of breathtaking. As the flowers fall, they float silently but deliberately until they meet the asphalt. At the second they come to rest, a faint, delicate pop is heard; it’s almost inaudible. I pass through patches of lavender snow, courtesy of the jacaranda trees that pave the way for me.

The only problem is the amount of bees that the fallen flowers attract — or, rather, the confused bees that they attract. For years, bees have been perishing in startling numbers. Nobody knows why, although parasites, multiple virus species, nutrition and pesticides are suspected.

I’m not sure if the bees are aware of their plight, but I imagine that they must harbor some bit of frustration at being relegated to airspace mere inches above the ground, living at the mercy of passersby, cars and birds. I wonder if they’re attracted to the purple carpet because they think they’ve struck the jackpot and perhaps found the holy grail which will restore bee colonies everywhere. Alas, they land on newly fallen blooms in vain, then fly to the next grounded bloom to try to pollinate it.

It is all for nothing.

There are things in life that we try so hard to make our own — relationships, jobs, certain endeavors — but sometimes they aren’t meant to be and, dare I say, we probably know it. But still we try, although our efforts are futile; we have all the signs we need, and we can practically see the end played out. Maybe we keep on because we’re creatures of habit, maybe it’s because we’re stubborn, maybe we think we can change someone. Whatever the reason, we try for things that occasionally aren’t meant to be ours. They’re the flower that’s beautiful, but which has no life to give us. At that point, it’s time to move on.

At the end of the day, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we’re worthy of life and those things from which we can glean energy, passion and motivation. But tonight along the purple path, I was reminded of my wasted efforts in some areas, the need to let the fallen stay where they are and of the growth and life that’s mine for the taking if I focus my energy on the right things.

The worthwhile things.

For this evening’s purple path, I am thankful.

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