Love Story

I think déjà vu is a strange thing.

I felt it today while sitting in the church during the ceremony rehearsal. The angle at which I was sitting, the light that was coming in through the windows, the people and the sentiment all felt right — like we were meant to be there, and like we’d began the chapter years earlier.

I’m not sure whether the initial feeling came through in real life or a dream, but if it was the latter then it was one of the most clear, telling dreams ever.

“I can’t believe I get to marry him,” the bride said to me on our way to the rehearsal. “And I think that every day.”

When the déjà vu thing happened, I wondered if it wasn’t simply the universe tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “It’s not déjà vu, it’s what you’ve wished for her for a long time. It’s what you pictured her day being like. And it came true.”

I like to think, in this case, it is a wish coming true…because the love is practically tangible, the emotion pure and the faith steadfast. During the rehearsal, I remembered back to her words and it seemed the last piece of the puzzle was in place: she found him, yes, but it was witnessed by family and friends for all to see, and so that the belief in love could be told and retold for generations to come…so that all generations can continue to seek it.

Tonight I am thankful for the déjà vu moment which felt more like a wish coming true — like the cherry on the cake. It is a beautiful example of good things happening when you least expect them, and when they’re meant to happen.

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