They say that preparation is the key to success. Today, I think that enjoying every possible moment of a fantastic day is the key to success.

Neither rain nor humidity, gray skies or umbrellas can dampen the spirit of a bride about to marry her best friend. Both are ready, calm and eager to call the other “spouse.”

From early morning grogginess to a hair salon where mimosas graced the individual stations, from makeup being done in the hotel room to primping, preening and absorbing every smile and well-wish, a bride’s day is full of beauty all around — beautiful moments shared with friends and that moment where you can finally exhale and breathe again following months of planning. Hand-in-hand with your partner for life, a new path awaits.

For your beautiful day and your happily ever after, I am so happy and thankful. Congratulations on their wedding bliss — much love to Nicole and Dave.

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