Advice about advice.

Ever notice how it’s easier to dish out advice than it is to listen to our own?

The Golden Rule exists for a reason — it’s good for everyone. When it’s thrown out the window, we all suffer.

If he’s not reciprocating, move on. Staying essentially condones his bad behavior and makes you a doormat. Neither scenario will lead to a match made in heaven.

If you’re not happy, there are two choices: talk out your issues with the intention of fixing things, or talk out your issues and walk away. Anything less than talking ensures a catastrophic failure on one level or another, and at some point or another. Unless we were born mute, there is no reason to allow a speech handicap into our lives.

If you’re not living your dreams, head in a new direction. It’s not enough to simply gaze at your target off in the distance — motion is required. Go. Do. Something — anything.

If you want to make a change of any size, commit to a step each day. Baby steps count. They also add up. Get after them.

I could give advice until I’m blue in the face, but what’s interesting about the above is that they all apply to my life. So what’s my issue? I know the value of the Golden Rule. If I’m not following my own advice, is that to say I don’t want to be treated well, or that I don’t want to treat myself well? No.

It all goes back to a little issue I have: I’m avoidant. I’d rather someone straighten up on their own than have to be told. I’d prefer to have my efforts thus far pay off in dreams that magically sprout wings. I’d like to be capable of more motion than I’m able to give.

The reality is that my steps are those baby ones I mentioned, but — thankfully — they’re steps all the same. The reality is that I have a long way to go, but even more reality is that I’ve come a long way, too. I’m not where I was, neither am I where I want to be. But advice that sinks in however slowly still sinks in.

My advice about advice is to be patient with it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as nice as it would be to pull a 180 whenever we wish, we’re not always wired that way. Everything in time — even progress. And for progress, even of the smallest kind, I am thankful.

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