Game-changing truth.

It’s a game-changer. We’ve all heard the phrase before. But sometimes it comes down to not trying to change the game, but your game. Nobody reinvents this game. So goes the line in Moneyball. It might be true if you’re talking about the general perception of something. The majority’s perception. What the commonly held belief […]

On the Loose

I don’t know what it is about something being “on the loose” that cracks me up (with the exception of a crazed lunatic or similar, naturally), but something about the phrase tickles my funny bone. I picture something or someone going rogue, going a little bit off course in the name of either thumbing their nose at convention, or […]

Advice about advice.

Ever notice how it’s easier to dish out advice than it is to listen to our own? The Golden Rule exists for a reason — it’s good for everyone. When it’s thrown out the window, we all suffer. If he’s not reciprocating, move on. Staying essentially condones his bad behavior and makes you a doormat. […]