They’re not allowed here, but it feels like every neighbor around me has purchased fireworks…they have infiltrated my bubble o’ calm.

Loud booms, thundering explosions and multi-colored streaks making their way across the night sky have been the norm the past few hours; the echoing shriek of a lit fuse rings in my ears.
The pets are freaked out, and I’m trying to keep them calm.

When things are outside of the ordinary, they can make us nervous, jumpy or concerned. Sticking your head in the sand to try to forget them is one way to deal (though not a good way), and it’s quite another to try to understand them and coexist. We can run and hide under the bed but, in time, we normally want to emerge from our hiding place and resume life as we once knew it.

There may still be noises and booms to deal with, but we found they didn’t hurt us in hiding, so maybe we can live somewhat alongside one another after all. Not necessarily in harmony, but nearby.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder that those instances which are startling to us tend not to last forever, and for friends and family who are there to help us keep our cool and our focus.

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