Sparkly and New

The old and time-tested often gets a bad rap.

So much credit is given to the new and shiny, the sparkly and the pristine. It’s easy to get caught up in it, and it’s tempting to pass over all the good things that the established can offer.

The new says, “Where do you want to go?” The old says, “Remember where we’ve been.”

The new says, “Spread yourself too thin and start saving tomorrow.” The old says, “I may not be flashy, but I’m dependable.”

The new says, “Discard the tough; cast off your burdens.” The old says, “Cherish your learnings; heed your lessons.”

Both the new and the old have their benefits. The old may have a layer of dust, a ding here and there or be in need of some paint touch-ups — all things indicative of character, not flaws. Maturity, not young and flighty.

Tonight I am thankful for seeing the value in that which has been around a while, that which we’ve had as a trusty friend over the years, and in the things that add color to our lives and keep us grounded. I’m thankful also for the new, for without it I wouldn’t cherish the old as much.

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