The Try

When it comes to possibly stepping outside of my comfort zone, I can be pretty swift about passing up such an opportunity. After all, why change comfy?

The interesting part is that I clearly realize that there is, in fact, opportunity in switching things up. And yet I shy away from it.

During those rare times when I face it head on, however, I realize that the fear of stepping outside my comfort zone is far worse than any discomfort caused by going after it.

The stress of imagining every possible outcome is far greater than the actual outcome.

The act of taking the bull by its horns makes you realize the horns aren’t that big after all.

We don’t stop breathing, our world doesn’t end, and we’re not less than we were before we tried something new if we try and don’t succeed.

The try is more important than the results, because at the end of the day it’s a numbers game. Without the try, there will be no success.

But when we try, we are telling ourselves that we’re worth it. And we are.

Tonight I am thankful for trying and for coming up empty, because the next try will be that much easier to tackle.

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