A Diamond in the Rough?

We see the potential in a lot of things — potential that tells us something is worthy of our time. Worthy of our investment.

An old car we want to restore.

An old house that needs some TLC to graduate from fixer-upper to the space of our dreams.

A struggling business that we want to buy because we can imagine the profit it will turn.

Rarely do we give relationships the same time, it seems. More and more, it feels like a decision is made about a potential significant other in the first thirty seconds.

Some might say they simply know what they want, so why waste the time? I would be in that camp, in fact. But what if we were programmed to fully consider someone for five G-rated dates until our brains were able to decide anything?

What if we were incapable of forming any opinion about someone else until the end of that fifth outing?

Would we have longer lasting relationships?

Would we have fewer divorces?

Would we be less afraid to put ourselves out there?

Would we be more in tune with what’s best for us in the long run instead of just for one night?

I’m not advocating wasting time, as I’m a big fan of cutting my losses. I am advocating giving some people the same sort of chance we’d give a fixer upper, a car bathed in rust and any other diamond in the rough.

Tonight I am thankful for the thought process that a home renovation show spurred in me, and for knowing that just a little bit of time can reveal a lot about our investments, our motives and the people in our lives.

One thought on “A Diamond in the Rough?

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