Chaos abounds.

Fourteen floors above the streets of Huntington Beach, I walked over to the window around 4:45 to check on the traffic below. It was immediately apparent that something was wrong.

Across the street, a woman was yelling at a man who was walking away. There was no shortage of F-bombs from her, and the tirade inspired more than a few birds from him. He’d flip them without turning around, and her screaming continued.

Before long, police were on the scene. Moments later, both cars were gone and looking for the man I saw. I could see him from my perch, but they couldn’t.

Then there were helicopters overhead and news vans heading toward the ocean. What gives? Oh, right — they’re heading to the pier to report live from the scene! following yesterday’s surfing competition mayhem.

Seconds later, a firetruck raced past the building, on its way to God knows where.

It’s like I walked to the window and all hell broke loose.

Note to self: refrain from gazing out at rush hour in the future.

I knew I’d be driving home with extra caution, that I’d be looking both ways four times as the lights turned green and that I’d be counting my blessings when I got home.

And I did.

There’s a lot of chaos out there at all times, and while a lot of it is troubling, disheartening or worrisome, it’s also a good reminder that we need to slow down when we can, use extra caution whenever we can muster it and proceed slowly so that we don’t get caught up in it. And for that, I am thankful.

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