Handle with care.

You know that line that’s often printed on a box or tape? It signals to others that there’s fragile, sometimes highly valuable cargo inside.

Handle with care.

We heed its warning and treat the items accordingly. We protect them, guard them and can’t wait to show them off or display them with pride.


We imagine that it will be with us for years, that we’ll cherish it to the point of possibly handing it down to someone.


We may consider housing it in its own display case, keeping it under lock and key or — perhaps — insuring it.

We love our things. Sadly, it seems we often love them more than people.

When was the last time you treated someone with the same care as a valuable purchase or a new, long-awaited possession? I try to do right by others, but know that I probably fall short more often than I realize — especially when I consider how much care I take elsewhere. With things.


Tonight I am thankful for the reminder gleaned from packaging materials. We may encounter some damage along the way, but with careful, deliberate handling and a gentle touch, the truly valuable things in our life will be around far longer than if we had our priorities backwards.

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