The Sweet Life

Tonight is one of those nights when I feel like I have nothing to say. And yet, don’t we always have something tumbling around in our heads?

There’s a lot tumbling around in mine. Money, diet, future, exercise, travel, errands, pets, work, chores, bills…the fact that I need to generate a blog post. By midnight.

Maybe my brain is simply tired. It’s been a long week, after all — a long week topped off by a peanut butter Pop Tart and wine. It’s a lovely combo.

As I write, stomach-down on the sofa, my newly healthy kit, Tucker, is curled up between my legs at the other end of the couch. It reminds me that nothing should ever be so important in life that we forget about the comfort our friends and family can provide. Not the bills, not the stress, not life. At the end of the day, someplace where we can find peace and quiet is essential.

Tonight I am thankful for this post’s inspiration that came unexpectedly, and just in the nick of time. To have life is grand in itself, but to have a collection of people who rally around you when the going gets tough makes it that much sweeter.

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