Truth be told, I’ve wondered now and again how long it would take me to miss a day of Thanky writing.

Going into this weekend, I didn’t see it coming. Last night was that night, however. Woops.

I went to bed early-ish, but woke up at some point and only then realized my flub. Unsure of what time it was, I grabbed my watch and hoped it was 11:45 — that would’ve given me 15 minutes to get my post for the day completed by midnight. Alas, it was 4am.

Fail. I went back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning. I still couldn’t believe my error. My streak of one year and seven months of daily blogging was over. All I could do was vow to find two things for which I’m thankful, versus my usual one. Seems clear enough to me.

One: we sometimes build relatively small things up to be so big in our minds that we think we just might die if it gets away from us. The reality is that we don’t die, the world doesn’t stop turning and clouds don’t gather overhead. As a result, I am thankful for perspective and the peace that it can bring.

Two: missing a goal can be a great motivator. Missing last night’s writing session made me wonder what I’d do moving forward. Would I just resume my daily blogging routine? Sure. But that’s too easy. What next? What else can I layer on top?

I have a few ideas. But they’re not ones that will be seen immediately. They’re more undercover, more behind the scenes. Hopefully they’ll be completed in a year, and I can look back on last night’s blunder as the catalyst that I know it can be. I think I can.

So tonight, for perspectives and catalysts — not to mention (in a weird, unexpected way) my forgetfulness — I am thankful.

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