Believe Your Eyes

They say you won’t believe them.

They say they’re the window to the soul.

They say some hold a twinkle.

They say they’re all on you.

The eyes are often the subject of phrases and sayings, but we’ve also been known to say that we can’t believe them.

Why? They seem to otherwise be so intuitive.

Sometimes we let our heart or mind talk our us into something other than what they actually saw.

We see a hurtful person, but we excuse them and tell ourselves we see good.

We see a deceptive person and we tell ourselves that they might’ve just been having a hard day and that they really mean well.

We see someone who plays with our feelings or who uses information against us, and we still wonder if we should be friends with them.

What’s to wonder? The answer is no. Our eyes see truth, but sometimes we try to undo it. Will we ever learn?

If the twinkle if valid, hold it close. If it’s fiction, be done — with something: the person, the closeness or the situations that bring out the bad.

I’m not thankful for the trying times that come up, but I am thankful that we can usually always believe our eyes and see the truth for what it is. May we never question them, and may we give them more credit.

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