True to Form

I know it’s been a tiring week when my goals for an evening include only hydrating and seeing how early I can hit the hay.

For the record, I’ve managed to get my 64 ounces of water in, and I’m on track to crawl under the covers an hour before I normally do. Score.

True to form, my head is pounding post-travel. True to form, I’ve popped no fewer than six Advil today. True to form, they haven’t helped, and now I’m comfort eating — though I’m quite certain that noshing on a peanut butter Twix isn’t going to do my headache any favors.

There are some days when I’ll dive head-first into quinoa, chicken breast, Ezekiel bread and get my fair share of fruits and veggies. Today is not one of those days. If it was acceptable to crawl into a giant, sleeping bag-sized bean and cheese burrito and feast from the inside out — in between food coma naps, naturally — I would.

I often had headaches as a child, as well. I unfortunately also had a giant (read: self-imposed, all-in-my-head) issue swallowing pills — multivitamins, aspirin — so my mom would always have to crush the latter for me between two spoons, add water to the powder and I’d take my pain reliever in liquid form. Not tasty, but it worked. In the wake of every headache, the suspicion of many adults was that I needed to “eat something,” usually protein. After all, it must be why I didn’t feel well. The result? Lots of peanut butter and celery, peanut butter and apples, cheese, milk and small frozen bean and cheese burritos were consumed during my younger years.

During college my migraines were so bad nothing could tame them except three frozen burritos and two quarts of milk from the dorm store. Well, those items and a dark room…for two days.

Not surprisingly, those are the foodstuffs I still gravitate toward, though I don’t think they’ve ever truly helped me in the head pain department. Nor has hydrating. What? What’s that voice? No, Arnold — it’s not a tumor.

End of the day, I’m sure I’ll always have my noggin issues to deal with, but — true to form — I’ve always been comforted (at least psychologically) by my comfort foods. I’m thankful for continued access to them, for finally learning during fifth grade how to swallow an aspirin whole and for a cozy bed waiting for me to fall into it. Here’s hoping a solid night of sleep reveals a headache-free Friday.

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