Pay attention.

I found myself telling a story earlier this evening about when I lived in Connecticut. Then I told a story about my college years in Michigan.

I felt two things right off the bat: on one hand, I felt really, really old. Where did the years go?

On the other hand, I felt really grateful for those years — even though I’d like to have a do-over on some of them.

The day-to-day feels like it drags on sometimes, while years feel as though they fly by. Then one day you wake up, look around and realize your life became something other than what you always thought it would be.

People have come and gone, love evolved and jobs might’ve been something other than what we’d hoped. Maybe we thought we’d be more confident, outgoing, have more wealth or that we’d simply be content with all that’d we’ve achieved.

How do we savor each moment? If things aren’t what we wanted, can we chart a new course and set things in the right direction? How can we make the most of the years before us?

Pay attention — literally. Be aware. Live in the now, and perhaps consider writing it down. Document your adventures, be deliberate in your enjoyment and devote yourself to creating lasting memories for yourself, and for those around you. When all is said and done, your life is as good as the things that have made your soul sing, and those people who fill it with beauty.

For all of those people in mine, I am thankful.

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