Good day.

If I could get paid to sleep, write, go on fantastic walks and drink wine, I’d be a happy camper.

By “paid,” I mean in money. Dollars. Dinero. Not in burritos, although I do adore them. Not in elastic waist comfy pants, although I do find them to be quite delightful. Nothing shady, nothing illegal.

Money. Cold, hard cash. And ideally without having to go backwards in pay. Wishful thinking, right?

Yes. Or maybe it’s just the infamous catalyst at work.

I was thinking tonight about how every ounce of stress and tension disappears when I set out on my evening walks. I almost didn’t go tonight, but guilt set in.

“What exactly are you going to do instead?” my conscience asked. I’ve never been good at tests, but I knew the answer: nothing.

I’d sit on the couch, chill, and marvel at how I didn’t feel any less stressed even though I was supposedly relaxing — so I put my walking duds on. Within my first thirty steps, I was in heaven.

Sure enough, a weight was lifted. With each mile, I felt stronger, more alive, more focused. I apparently also felt a bit smarter, because I realized that if the one thing on the list that’s already (for me) closest to an actual job — writing — was something that drew a paycheck, it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

True, they say that if you’re doing what you love, it’ll never feel like work…but add in a deadline or two and voila! Work.

I’ve never been one to shy away from such responsibility, however. And “it wouldn’t be as enjoyable” means that it would simply fall from a 100 to a 99 on the ol’ enjoyment scale. Not too shabby.

We may not always be living the dream that’s in our mind’s eye, but so long as we have a target in mind and the life we’re living each day is something that sustains us and keeps the dream alive, it’s a good, good day.

Here’s to dreams in plain view and an ability to chase after them. Tonight — for good days, for jobs that sustain us all and for dreams that drive our determination — I am thankful. How fortunate we are.

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