I saw an owl tonight, and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time.

The faintest bit of light remained in the sky, and in a matter of minutes the trees would be silhouetted against a dark night. But I could clearly see the treetops, and something was circling overhead.

With a graceful spiral motion, it landed gently on a branch up high. My pace was fast, but I could see its head turn as I continued on my way. I heard an airplane making its way through the skies over Orange County and looked up, only to see the owl also on the move. It passed about twenty feet over my head. If I could’ve reached up and touched it, I might have.

When we look in a particular direction because something makes us take notice or piques our curiosity, we may find that our attention was captured in order to see something else. Something other than that which we originally saw comes to light if we keep our eyes open. I heard a plane, but was intended to get a better view of beauty, of winged gracefulness.

Tonight, for a shift in my attention and for knowing that awareness can shine a light on that which can have a profound effect on my soul, I am thankful.

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