Towel. Thrown in.

I’m weary. It’s only hump day and I need a) a weekend, b) better yet — a vacation or c) a trust fund.

Just kidding on that last one.

The Lawn Surgery which I spoke of last weekend resulted in stitches which didn’t hold. A leak returned, and with it, my sanity quickly dwindled.

My eyes rival the color of beets. I am crabby, cranky, and I want to fall face-first into a plate of comfort food. I can’t tell you which I’d be more happy to swim through: mac and cheese, or the beany, cheesy mixture inside a soft, supple tortilla. Mmm, carbs.

If I blink on the way home, I fear I may fall asleep. Forget sleepwalking, what about sleepdriving? I could do it today, I tell you.

The leak returned Monday, spotted by yours truly only because I went on my four-mile walk and came home to the sound of water running — right as I passed the water meter. Looking down, I saw that the Nile had migrated to Southern California — and on my street, no less. Geography, shmeeography. Oh, and two thumbs down.

The water got shut off until [another] fix could happen, so I packed a bag, crammed my makeup and hair product into another bag and stayed with my parents. Enticing on the surface (a home-cooked meal, some coffee chatter in the morning), but since they live 30 miles from me, my morning commute tripled today. My 45-minute drive turned into close to two and a half hours. By the time I got here — an hour late thanks to a traffic accident and whatnot — the fact that my computer has been having issues made me want to throw in the towel: on the week, on my laptop, on life. Sleeping in a bed that’s not my own makes for a sore back and hourly waking during the night. Tackling a commute that is roughly one-third of the time it takes to drive to San Francisco from Orange County — minus the fantastic destination — is ridiculous. And mind boggling. Ridiculously mind boggling.


The solution? Tonight I’m going to rebel against my usual evening routine: no evening walk, no healthy dinner. In their place, a couch (go Red Sox) and Del Taco (see above reference to the bean and cheese burrito). Insert: snuggle time with my kitts (kittens — the single girl’s version of kids), an early bedtime, and voila — the towel has officially been thrown in. Take that, hump day!

Today, despite extreme exhaustion, I am thankful for the existence of bean and cheese burritos, furbabies, my own bed and a couch ready to support me the way a therapist does for a person in need. Here’s to sliding towards the weekend, hopefully the same way Boston will do a bit of sliding into home tonight.

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