Cheesecloth and Food Coloring

We put our heads together today and got creative. Literally.

All of our agency’s employees were divided into teams and given a Styrofoam head to bedazzle, decorate, make gory, etc. If you’d have told me a week ago that I’d be getting my hands dirty not with front yard soil but with red food coloring (blood), cheesecloth (mummy wrapping) and hot glue (oozing eye goo), I’d have snickered. In fact, I did a lot of snickering today — the candy kind, as well. It was a good day.

Last night my Band-Aids for the week were Game 6, Stove Top stuffing and a lovely glass (OK, two) of white wine. Shameless plug for Pine Ridge’s Chenin Blanc/Vigonier blend. Now that I think about it, I might’ve plugged them before. You’re welcome, Pine Ridge.

Today the Band-Aid continued with Halloween festivities, and the week o’ water leaks that have been plaguing me are fast becoming a distant memory.

It’s funny how troubles and irritations can disappear when we loosen the grip on their details. Admittedly, sometimes a glass of wine can help with said loosening, but that’s beside the point. When we want to let go, we can. And when we can, we return to a pre-agitation state we’re so deserving of. Life’s too short, although there will inevitably be some character-building moments that still manage to irk us along the way. It is what it is.

Tonight I am thankful for frustration-releasing fun and for the passing of time which brings peace, calm and relaxation. We won’t always have those days, but when we do, I know that I appreciate mine that much more.

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