The Campaign

When drivers angry-honk at other drivers in New York City, they’re simply saying, “You’re an idiot. Move,” or “Grow a brain.” (I’m sure they’re thinking more than this, but I try to keep it G-rated, yo.)

In L.A., an angry honk leaves you wondering if a bullet is about to find its way into your car…or so it feels. Yikes.

Communication has a funny way of changing from coast to coast, and from country to country. Even tonight at dinner with clients, our discussion at one point turned to campaigns intended for air in other countries. Would the takeaway be the same? Probably not. The nuances may be missed, the subtleties may be misinterpreted. A local or regional agency well-versed in a nation’s ways is a must, lest a serious faux pas be committed. Never good for a brand.

What’s your brand? What does it say to others? Is it considerate and aware, or oblivious and rude? If you were unaware of a country’s history and your message fell upon offended ears, would you make amends or pass it off as their problem instead of yours?

Accommodating others is one of the easiest things to do, yet we often stand our ground to prove a point; we frequently find ourselves in an unbending position to show others we’re right — but all we’re doing is demonstrating how wrong we are.

Tonight I am thankful for the lessons and truths that are sometimes clear as day, and other times hidden in the day to day, in the mundane or in the 9-to-5. Here’s to making our personal campaigns respectful ones, and ones whose credits we’re proud to be included in.

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